Welcome to the web page of NOUS Counselling and Art Therapy.

NOUS understand that the process of looking for a counsellor can be stressful and difficult.

We hope that this website will make this process a little bit easier for you; understanding the services we are currently offering (if at any time you do not understand are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are here to assist you the individual).


NOUS incorporates both an art and holistic approach to counselling.

Emphasis is placed on the individual and how he/she can be made aware of the internal and external factors that influence their way of being.

Although NOUS specifically concentrates on LGBTQI+ individuals, especially adolescents, who find it difficult to understand their sexual orientation, and to help create coping mechanisms against homophobic bullying in schools as wells as the stresses that comes with understanding and accepting their sexual orientation, we also counsel clients who fall outside of the LGBTQI+ spectrum. 

In addition we also work with parents and guardians to help them understand what their LGBTQI+ youngster is going through and to assist with the “coming out” process.