"Colours express the main psychic functions of man" - C.G. Jung

- Welcome to our Webpage -

Nous Counselling and Art Therapy (NCAT) is a private online practice that focusses on traditional as well as creative counselling

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, NCAT decided to move their operations to a strictly online platform.  

Although this was a difficult decision, we value the safety of our clients and their families.  Online Counselling affords NCAT the opportunity to connect with clients in spaces where they feel most comfortable in talking.  

NCAT understands that commencing any therapeutic relationship is a daunting task, more so now, over an online platform, than in the traditional sense. We would like to emphasise to our clients that we offer a non-judgemental space for counselling. 

NCAT utilises Zoom, Skype as well as WhatsApp video calling to provide services to our clients.

NCAT therapeutic interventions mainly focus on LGBTQI+ individuals!
We also offer counselling services to those who do not identify as LGBTQI+. 


Apart from our counselling services, NCAT also assists South African NGOs with regards to LGBTQI+ mental well-being, and other projects where our experience may be needed.


- About NCAT - 

NOUS Counselling and Art Therapy (NCAT) was established by Juan M. Terblanche in 2018.

NCAT was started as a passion project to assist the LGBTQI+ community in Johannesburg.  In a short space of time, NCAT has grown to assist the community in Johannesburg, nationally (South Africa) as well as globally.  NCAT focusses on creative arts therapy that can assist individuals with the emotional turmoil they are facing, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Creativity and being creative has immense benefits in the therapeutic relationship; assisting individuals to express themselves better than through words, which often fail us.  Through utilising simple creative expression, be it through colour, objects and symbols, the individual starts to understand their problems better as they can physically express emotions that do not have physical shapes.  It is through this process that individuals integrate self-awareness of the "monsters" that "haunt" them and can better cope with their psychological trauma/hurdles.

Terblanche is passionate about assisting individuals to find their identity as well as their passions and drives for life! He believes that no one should go through life not living a life that does not belong to them.  Every human being on this planet has the potential to live a life that is filled with potential, self-individuation and self-actualisation.  

Apart from Terblanche's counselling work he also assists NGOs, such as the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) and Gateway Mental Health with counselling assistance.  Terblanche also works closely with Lesley Ann van Selm from Khulisa Social Solutions (KSS - in developing projects that can assist the LGBTQI+ community in marginalised communities in South Africa.  

Terblanche also assists with voluntary work for UNICEF South Africa as well as Childline South Africa.

Terblanche is a firm believer in promoting LGBTQI+ rights in marginalised communities across South Africa through psycho-educational programmes on gender diversity.  

It is our job to light the beacon for this generation so that they can carry it forward for generations to come, just as generations before us have done.  

In the words of Harvey Milk: 

“Hope will never be silent”


- Services -

NCAT offers the following counselling services to both LGBTQI+ individuals as well as individuals who do not identify as LGBTQI+

NCAT offers both long-term and short-term interventions for clients.  

We offer individual as well as group counselling for adults and adolescents (please note that if you are under the age of 18, a legal guardian needs to consent):

- Traditional Counselling services 
- Creative Expressive counselling services
- Dialogue Circles/Story Telling

The main focus during counselling is to assist the individual to understand their emotions, thoughts and actions more deeply.  Specifically through the creative process.  During the therapeutic process individuals are encouraged to be kinder to themselves.  The essential part of counselling is self-discovery and self-examination.  NCAT works closely with Mr. Steven Kaplan, a Clinical Psychologist situated in Highlands North (

NCAT offers therapeutic interventions in the following areas:

- Depression/Anxiety/Anger

- Trauma debriefing

- Inter-personal relationships

- Relationship with the self

- Self-Analysis/Examination

- LGBTQI+ specific psychological traumas i.e. the "Coming Out" process, self-acceptance etc. 

- Psychological support for families who have individuals who identify as LGBTQI+

- Suicidal Thoughts

- Finding your identity/voice

- Substance abuse

- Psychosocial support for frontline workers working with individuals from the LGBTQI+ community

Non-counselling services include:

- Project planning and implementation

- Psycho-educational programme development for the LGBTQI+ community as well as organisations not affiliated with the LGBTQI+ community

- Report writing/Analysis of surveys specifically on topics related to psycho-education

- Public talks on LGBTQI+ rights/mental well-being in marginalised communities

Please contact Juan at for counselling rates as well as non-counselling service rates.

Note that NOUS Counselling and Art Therapy is contracted outside of medical aid rates.

Counselling is strictly online for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.  NCAT uses Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp Video Calls for counselling.

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself"- Harvey Fierstein

- Interviews -

NCAT's Juan M. Terblanche interviewed by Ethan Baird from GaySA Radio


- Qualifications and Professional Registration -

Professional Registration:

Achology (Association of Modern Applied Psychology - UK): SY4777-206GJF-AC


Magister Technologiae: Fine Art/Psychology, Tshwane University of Technology.  Dissertation Title: A Jungian Analysis of artworks by a creatively active cohort of persons suffering from schizophrenia.

Applied Psychology Diploma/Hypnotherapy Diploma. College of Modern Applied Psychology (UK).

Andvanced Trauma Counselling Practitioner. Arizona Institute of Trauma Studies. (USA)